Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mad Props: President Barack Obama

Pride, a Deeper Love...

StyleScrybe's sore today. I got spent Monday night on the floor of my cousin's office, woke up at 5:30 AM Tuesday and then walked what seemed like a million blocks in heels to stand in the freezing cold for hours. It was well worth it, though because I was present at one of the most historical events in my life (and this country's history). Yes, I was there... at the Inaugural Ceremony. I stood shivering in the huddled mass of people to see Michelle Obama hold the Bible Abraham Lincoln used at his swearing in while her husband, President Barack Hussein Obama, took the Oath of Office. We received tickets to the standing area at the last minute, and I could barely see the jumbotron through the bare branches of a tree. Still, my grandchildren will be able to tell their friends I was there. My mother, who was unable to make the trip to D.C. was able to live vicariously through me.

150 years ago, I would have been human chattel, 100 years ago I would have been considered a nigger, 50 years ago I would have called myself a negro, 25 years ago, I was Black, and yesterday I was African American. Today, I am American. No, all racial context of my life has not been erased. I am the granddaughter of a Black Panther, the descendant of slaves (and slaveholders and Native Americans). The hardships and atrocities faced by my forefathers and foremothers has not been forgotten nor vindicated. There is still a HUGE racial divide. Hegemony is still VERY MUCH in effect. And, just as any orphan would, my people still have MAJOR issues. (I often say I come from an orphaned race because much our our history, etc is so obscured.) However, President Obama's presence in the Oval Office brings to mind that line from "The Jeffersons" theme song, "We've finally got our piece of the pie!" (I really could go on and on about the significance of the day, but then you'd get bored with me and not come back)

Oh! I wouldn't be StyleScrybe if I didn't take a moment to admire Mrs. Obama's Inaugural fashion choices. She was absolutely radiant at the ceremony in her yellow-green Isabel Toledo ensemble with green J.Crew gloves and patent Jimmy Choo pumps. Later, her white Jason Wu gown was a fairy tale all its own.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, thes Via Spiga Novella boots have me feenin')

Life on the Fringe

Thus far, StyleScrybe's been anti- the whole fringe thing. Yeah, I know they're all the rage, but a woman with true style can always say "no" to a trend she doesn't like. One look at these "Novella" boots by Via Spiga have lead me to veto my decision, though (OK, maybe not a total veto, but I'm at least making an ammendment). They're pearlized leather, have a 4 inch heel and the shaft is tall enough for them to qualify as ef-me boots. The long fringe is simply a little hippie chic thrown into the mix (and since it's less voluminous than most of what's out there, I won't look like a Woodstock relic). Plus, next year, if fringes are out, you can tie them into a bow or find something else creative to do with them. Not bad for the $212.50 wants for them, right?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For tha Low Low: H&M's Bangin B.O.G.O.

Scoop- Scoop- Be- Doop...

StyleScrybe's got the scoop on a sale you won't want to miss. (Wrote a blog about it. Like to hear it? Here it go!) I was perusing the sale rack at h&m yesterday, when I spied with my stylish eye (yeah I like that phrase so get used to it) something that I just HAD to buy. I'd been stalking this silver loose-knit sweater tank for a while, and it FINALLY had one of those red $10 tags on it! I get it to the register and the cashier asks "You don't want your somethin' free?" (Repita por favor?) I mean, I'd seen the signs, but I thought the "Buy one, get one free" was only on certain sale items. Honey... EVERYTHING in the sale section is included! I'm going for round two tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you there!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might: Louis Vuitton Sprouse Collection

Let's pretend I won the lottery, had a visit from my fairy godparent (he or she's out there somewhere, I just know it) or found some other way into a whole lotta chedda. If said fantasy were to come true, please believe a MAJOR shopping spree would be very close to the top of my to-do list. 'Til that happens, let's play a little game of "that's my bag."

Urban Scrawl

StyleScrybe's seeking a do-over of 2009's beginning for a few folks. Seems the tides of trauma lingered a little past the ball-drop for some of my family. I'm still on "if I want it, it's mine," though, so right now I'm claiming a Speedy bag from Louis Vuitton's new Stephen Sprouse Collection. Available as of January 9th, the brightly embellished collection pays tribute to, and is inspired by the work of Stephen Sprouse, the late American fashion designer and artist known for bringing downtown cool to the uptown crowd. (He also collaborated with Marc Jacobs on his first LV collection.) The collection consists of various bags, accessories and leather goods- all bearing either neon grafitti or Sprouse's signature flowers. I'm all about the Speedy 30 in flourescent Monogram Grafitti and in Monogram Roses. However, considering they current financial climate and their pricetags of $1180 and $1310, respectively, I might have to jack somebody (B*tch run that! Run that! Ante up!) to get mine. Nah, I'm a lover, not a jacker. I'll just pray for some freelance work (I got skills! Holla at me, bay-beh). Either that or you can catch me panhandling at the train station lol.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beautiful! I Just Want You to Know! (Kiss My Face & E.L.F)

I'll Take You to the Candy Shop...

Whatchu know 'bout me (whatchu whatchu know 'bout me!)? Well here's one thing you need to know: StyleScrybe's lip gloss is officially cool (and poppin'). Since it's winter, I'm constantly re-hydrating my pucker, so I was super psyched to find a CP-time Christmas gift baggie loaded with lip goodies in my mailbox. When I saw the deep, bronzy color of the topaz Sheer Organic Shine by Kiss My Face, I was concerned, but I'm a sucker for anything minty (can't beat shiny lips AND fresh breath in one pop), so I gave it a try. Once I realized the subtlety of the color and read on the tube that it's 100% natural (and 91% organic), I was hooked. I think Opal will be my next color (they're all named after precious jewels).

Then, the sweet side of me swooned when I spotted e.l.f.'s Candy Shop lip gloss tins. I got "Cherry Bomb" and "Frosting Fanatic" and was impressed with both. Just enough shimmer and tint with believably yummy smells and a hint of flavor.

At least this year my lips will be ready for Valentine's Day even if my love life isn't. Oh... BTW, StyleScrybe is single and VERY ready to mingle. Any leads?