Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That New New for You You...

Ready? Set? Yo...

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of the whole GO thing at Target (pronounced TAR-JAY by those in the know). True, the clothes aren't of the same fine fabrics as they would be in a boutique, but more often than not, they're cute as can be. Plus, they tend to be priced so low that you can get a few outfits for what you'd normally pay for a single piece. If, like me, you have a short style attention span, there's the added bonus of the quick turnover. Por ejemplo, I'm definitely diggin' what Alice Temperly's done, but after the initial thrill of seeing and buying my favorite pieces, I'm pretty over it. (Cue climactic music) The next line, by Erin Featherson, hits stores on November 18! Playfully prim and lovey dovey in a retro-girly kinda way, a lot of the clothes remind me of things I wore in grade school, but I was a fly chick back then too, so a revisit isn't at all out of the question! Oh, and when the prices range from $7.99-$89.99, you'd be crazy not to stock up.

Just So Ya Know...

Blue is the New "Green"

Everyone's all up-in-arms about the environment, and we should be, lest we find a way to live on another planet. Oil! Trees! Natural disasters! They're all important, but we often forget one of our most necessary natural resources... water. We know it's polluted because we now have to buy it by the bottle or get filters just to shower. (maybe that Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina were the Oceans' way of crying out for attention?) However, i don't see much emphasis placed on the oceans or the ever-growing Eastern Garbage Patch. Maybe that's why Women's Health Magazine has dubbed November the "Blue Issue" and dedicated it to the awareness of issues that face the oceans, the seas and their inhabitants. Alexandra and Philippe Costeau, founders of EarthEcho International and grandchildren of Jacques, are guest editors of this issue and help the mag educate its readers on how to take action. Are you ready to do your part? Let's start with a new catch phrase... "What do you do blue?"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Shop to Save (Because Saving $$$ is Good but Saving Lives is Best)

Saks' Holiday Catalog Helps Save Sick Kids at St. Jude's

All I want for Christmas is for someone to Saks it to me! (Please? it'll help ensure medical treatment for a child with a serious illness regardless of his or her family's ability to pay. Plus, I'll be your friend for always. I Promise.) In its first holiday catalog, " Snow or Never," the luxury retailer is offering five exclusive and extravagant gift packages. Available for purchase today, the gifts are based on the fantasies or career hopes of St. Jude's children, as expressed in their artwork, and partial proceeds will be donated to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Now, friends, here are your choices (I don't mind if I don't get #2 or #5:

A Driver's Dream- Own the new Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster Convertible. Plus, fly to Monaco for the '08 Formula One race and for private lessons at the Circuit Paul Richard Racetrack in Provence, France. Includes flights and VIP accommodations. Cost:$520,000 of which $10,000 will be donated to St. Jude's.

The Rock Star Life- Sit front row at the kickoff concert for Matchbox Twenty's US tour. In addition to meeting the Grammy-winning group and taking home an autographed guitar, you'll get three nights of first-class accommodations and flights for two. Cost: $25,000, of which $5,000 will go to St. Jude's.

Sun, Sea and Spices- Visit Bora Bora and go deep sea fishing with, and enjoy a VIP dinner prepared by world-renowned chef, Jean Georges Vongerichten. Also, enjoy a private tour of Robert Wan's Black Pearl Museum. The $115,000 for this package, of which $5,000 will go to St. Jude's, includes first class airfare for 2 and a night in Tahiti at the luxurious St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora.

Fairytale Weekend- Experience a once-in-a-lifetime weekend in NYC, where you'll dine at the Gramercy Tavern and shop at Saks Fifth Avenue before the store opens. Plus, create a customized ring with Temple St. Claire and formulate your own fragrance with Laurice Rahme, Founder of Bond No. 9. (Didn't they just do a Saks scent?) You and a friend will also fly first class and stay in a suite for two at the Plaza hotel for $60,000, of which $5,000 will go to St. Jude's.

The World in Your Hands- Choose lanmarks, music and figures to customize Saks' musical snow globe. You'll receive 5 to share with friends and family. This is the least expensive option at $3,000, of which $1,ooo will be donated to St. Jude's.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, here's what has me feenin')

y Sexy Cool

Two parts biker, two parts cowgirl, and one part city-slicker, these "Ms. Fix-it" boots from Seychelles are all parts hot. I'm big on almond toes because they give you all the sexy without the squeeze of pointy toes. And the unfinished edges give them an extra shot of, well, edginess. I'm seein' them with some tights and an over-sized sweater or button up with a hot belt.

My Pink & My Two-step

How Holly "Golightly meets Cyndi Lauper" are these casual skimmers from Shellys London?! I'm usually not one for flats, but the metallic pink makes them just plain fun(ky). Surprisingly, I might even wear them out to an event or two... maybe with a mini and some tights. They're so comfy, I'll be able to dance and prance all night. They're only fitty bucks, too. It's on... grab the Patron!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might... ( I Will one day, When My Pockets Get Right!)

Let's pretend I won the lottery, had a visit from my fairy godparent (he or she's out there somewhere, I just know it) or found some other way into a whole lotta chedda. If said fantasy were to come true, please believe a MAJOR shopping spree would be very close to the top of my to-do list. 'Til that happens, let's play a little game of "that's my shoe" (kinda like "that's my car", but with footwear instead).

The Red, the Black & the C.R.E.A.M

With their equestrian class and touch of biker chic, these Roberto Cavalli boots are "a little bit country(side) and a little bit o' rock & roll." Supple skin & sculptured hardware with harness detail... In these boots I can tame any stallion that comes my way, whether I'm in jodhpurs or jeans. Don't be surprised if you see me in the subway station with my tap shoes trying to raise the $1608.95 to buy them from Zappos Couture, though.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shop to Save (Because Saving $$$ is Good but Saving Lives is Best)

Africa's the new "black." Along with the whole "green" thing, the continent and its various woes are the collective cause du'jour, and rightfully so. (Let's not forget it's the birthplace of humanity.) So here are a couple of shop ops that let you score some goods and do a little good in the process.

Join EDUN and The One Campaign to Combat AIDS in Africa

Buy one of these $40 ONE Campaign tees, and $10 will be donated to ALAFA (Apparel Lesotho Alliance for Africa), which provides life-saving ARV (antiretroviral) drugs to Lesotho's factory workers and their families. Just like last year, (yep, this is round two and folks are still dying) the shirts are made in Lesotho from 100% African cotton. I know, you're already picturing how you're gonna accessorize and personalize yours, right? Well here's how you get one: click here, bid here for one customized by a celebrity or hit up Nordstrom, which will match the $10 for every shirt sold in the U.S. up to $100,000.

Get a Gucci and Give to UNICEF

It's not here yet, but the holiday season is right around the corner, and once again, a percentage of sales from Gucci's holiday collection of bags and accessories will be donated to UNICEF. 25% of all sales will go to providing healthcare, education, protection and clean water to children in Malawi and Mozambique. Purchasing the keystone piece, the large Frida Giannini-designed Gucci for UNICEF Indy bag at $2350, will sustain the health of an orphan for a full year. The collection will be available from November 15 through December 31st at over 200 Gucci stores and, so start saving now. Then, go and give some money little Gucci Bag Girl. (Ok, I'm no Lil' Wayne... Sue me)

See, Just because there was a lack of black faces on the Spring '08 runways doesn't mean the fashion industry isn't concerned about us "coluhd" folks right? Sike!

Just so Ya Know...

Reality TV is Getting a Dose of Religion...

On Tuesday, October 15 at 9 PM, BET will premier "Exalted", a new weekly series that explores the lives of African-American ministers. Narrated by Blair Underwood, the show will follow its subjects as they perform ministerial duties, prepare sermons and lead their congregations, all while facing the challenges of everyday life. The first episode will feature Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, pastor of the Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, California. "Exalted" will journey with him through the past triumphs and traumas that lead to the acceptance of his call to ministry. Underwood is a member of Faithful Central, so this project is one to which he has an especially personal connection. Now the church folk can watch prime time BET TV. Hallelujah and Amen!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, here's what has me feenin')

Fit to be Tied...

Menswear-inspired? Check! On-trend with this season's "shooties"? Check! Perfect with almost everything? Huge Check! I'm starting to twitch in anticipation just looking at this pair from Report. With the mercury doing a yo-yo job, these peep-toes will pair perfectly with my pencil skirts, colored denim and everything in between. I may even do 'em with some of those great socks or tights that are all the rage this season. Not that I wear any of my shoes that often, but still, so many options. And at $189 on, I can actually afford them.

Color Me Bad ("Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good")...

Imma be a bad mamma jamma in these "sari pink" treats from Rich & Skinny (even though I'm not exactly rich... or skinny). They're a great color for fall, and I can rock them with pumps, ankle boots, flats or what i like to call "come get me boots." I'm getting my "1 and 2 and..." on just to make sure I can get into them without doing "please fit me shimmy" when they arrive. The $176 wants for them aint a bargain, but I'll spend an extra penny or two on my favorite hue.