Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! Keeping it Simple

Oh-Eight was Great, but I'm Straight...

Less than 8 hours left in '08, and Stylescrybe is taking stock. The Giants won the Super Bowl. Barack won the election. I partied for a cause with clients in DC for Big Tiger and Vernon Davis' (SF 49ers) celeb weekends and in Baltimore for Terrell Suggs' (BAL Ravens) celeb weekend (met some FANTASTIC folks). I also cruised to Cozumel for fun on the high seas with the fam, voted in ATL and took a few other trips here and there. Oh, and a gajillion new babies in the family. Yes, some great things happened in '08. (Can't resist rhyming 8 with great, so please bear with me).

There were also some tough times, though. My family WENT THROUGH IT (from hospital visits to stolen cars, violent attacks, lost jobs and lost retirement plans), but we GOT THROUGH IT (and are still getting through it) as a family. There were also the personal romantic disappointments, friendship rifts and the constant struggle of being a freelancer in a tough economy. The last few months of this year have been rough, so I'm looking forward to the new year and the energy renewal that always seems to accompany January 1st. I've been a little down, but I'm "snatching back my happy" (thanks to big sis, super publicist, Toi Troutman for that one). World, watch out: in '09, if I want it, it's mine! That's not a resolution, it's a declaration. Who's with me? What will you do to "snatch back your happy" in this tough economy?

P.S. I'll be back to fashion and fun VERY soon. Stay tuned. Pretty please?

Friday, December 12, 2008

All I Want for Christmas: Fendi B.Mix Tote

Gold Diggin'

StyleScrybe hasn't been gotten into the holiday spirit yet. Maybe it's the recession. I've decided to pull myself out of the funk with a little e-window shopping (read that as lusting and hoping Santa reads this blog). Said e-tail therapy is a lot easier thanks to the "salemail" I get everyday from Maybe I'll start gift guides soon (cuz last year's rocked!), but for now, it's all about me me me me me (still one of my fave Mya songs to date). I'm currently coveting Fendi's dark gold leather B. Mix tote. It's size is perfect for this time of year because as I jaunt to and from parties and events I can carry small gifts and even an umbrella on rainy days. The color's what's up too... goes with everything! So Santa, baby, put this under the tree for me... please?

*PS- I think shopping for self was really helpful because now I'm feeling a little jingle bell-y. Stay tuned for gift guides. Smile.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

That New New for You You (LA Gear Originals Get Another Run)

On the Funky Dope Remix Tip...

StyleScrybe's doin' the woody woodpecker, the running man, and what I remember of Oaktown's 357's routine to "Yeah Yeah Yeah" (Aw Yeah!) Wanna know why? Because all those things take me back to the days when I doubled up on slouch socks and rocked lace shoe strings in my LA Gears. Back then, you were pretty wiggedy wack if you didn't have at least one pair. I had some with rhinestones on them, some others with fuschia and turquoise trim and another pair with the pink and purple twisted leather on the sides. (Couldn't tell me nothin when I put 'em on with my acid washed denim skirt and jacket... Oooh and my matching shoestring hair bow). I recently looked at pictures of myself from those days, happy they were over. Well, smiled too soon because they're back. Just like 8 ball jackets, leggings, (somewhat regrettably) acid wash and so many of the things we thought we'd never wear again, throwback LA Gears have made a return!

In a partnership with indie Cali sneaker retailer, Sportie LA, LA Gear's owner, ACI is relaunching classic styles from the Unstoppable line in updated colors and materials. (Like patent leather). The line officially launched today exclusively at Sportie LA and on its website and is slated to become available at select retailers next month. I can't lie, I might cop a pair if they do some fuschia/ turquoise joints. They start at $74.95, but that's not a horrible price considering they still come with 2 pairs of shoelaces!

Just for Fun: Beyonce sheds Sasha for ELLE

To Bey or not to Bey

I recently had a convo with my aunt about Beyonce. Said aunt is "saved" and seldom listens to secular music, but she'd heard some younger members of her church discussing Mrs. Jigga and her on-stage alter ego, Sasha Fierce. "Does she really have two personalities," questioned my aunt, who then wondered if she should be concerned for homegirl's mental health. I laughingly reassured her that it's stage personas are common, and that lots of people have them. I didn't tell her, but StyleScrybe has one of her own, whom I employ at events and such. She's a lot like my normal self, except she's not shy and can have anything she wants.

The thing about Beyonce is that until recently, we, the people didn't really know her. The woman we've been getting to know since the "No No No" days was Sasha. Now, the "hottest chick in the game" is letting us into the world of the woman who can't cook and is scared to have a baby. She opened up quite a bit in the January issue of ELLE, which just hit newsstands and features Mrs. Carter on the cover. If ole girl wasn't all rich and famous, she seems like she could be part of my crew. Matter of fact, Sasha and my other self (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent ) would probably have a great time together. (Not to mention I'd be raiding both broads' closets. Girlie gets to rock the flyest gear). So what about you, sista friends? Do is there another "you" whom you call on when needed? What's she like? When does she come out? Oh, and how many of you know the whole routine to "Single Ladies" and do it when the song comes on in the club? (While you practice that little wrist move, I'm gonna plot on copying that cover look.)

*PS- Don't forget to the hot a$$ Ciara fashion spread toward the back of the mag. I actually started at the end and worked my way forward, so it took me a sec to recognize CiCi.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, here's what has me feenin')

I Gotsta Have It

StyleScrybe's a space cadet. I went to Target last night to pick up a few things and got all the way to the register before I realized I'd left my wallet home. While I was there, though I spied with my stylish eye a couple of items I will definitely have to buy. With the holiday season crashing down upon me, I'll attending to a function or two, and this recession has made it impossible to buy outfits for each and still get my Santa on. Thank goodness Target's Limited Edition line is right on time. Some of the stuff is a little too "9-5" for me, but I fell in love with the drape tulip skirt (pictured left and only costs $24.99) and the jeweled cardigan, which is also only $24.99. (Yes, I got a little "Pointdexter" in my swag lol). They may look a little plain Jane on here, but wait till I funk them up with cool accessories and hot heels.