Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An In the Streets Chick: Post-it Party




I had a blast learning what Post-it has coming down the piple line last night. From new colors and prints to chic dispensers and journals, they’ve got some exciting products on the horizon. Yes, I’m a bit of a paper nerd. I get giddy over notebooks and such, so I’m not blowing blogger smoke when I gush about the event. As I entered the space I was greeted by an “Electric Glow” cocktail and a Post-it art installation.








Then I took a cute color quiz to see which color collection fits my personality… I had a feeling it would be one of the bright ones (actually I HOPED), and, well… color me happy!



My cohort and I found it funny that they invited attendees to write their ideas for new products on Post-its and then stick them onto the wall (get us drunk and have us share our ideas. Then use the ones you like without having to pay the people who conceived them. I see you Post-it lol). Here are my ideas… if you see either of these in the stores, you know who thought of them.











Now, for my favorite products… (fashion inspired Post-it dispensers, paisley prints and a tape dispenser that looks like a sandal)












Lastly, I really liked that there was a community oriented element. We were all asked to provide an inspirational message on a Post-it. The entire collection will be shipped to students in Kentucky whose school was destroyed by one of the recent tornadoes.









PS- They gave us a pretty awesome goody bag!!!