Monday, June 23, 2008

Just So Ya Know... I'm Alive!!!

Sooo... um... er... uh... you know how sometimes you don't call a friend for a while and then feel guilty, so you don't call for an even longer while because you think said friend may be mad or something? Well, StyleScrybe has done that exact thing to all my cyber-girls (AGAIN). My bad. I hope you haven't given all the way up on me yet, though. I've been traveling quite a bit, so this go round, I'm just going to catch you up on a few things that grabbed my attention recently... then we can get back to our (semi) regularly scheduled programming.

Freedom Party at Canal Room in NY- If you're in the area and want to dance the ENTIRE night with a great crowd, make your way there ASAP! I normally don't like regular Friday night parties (I'm a little bougie... sue me), but this one had me doin every dance from "the butt" to the "bogle." I'm mad I missed the first 5 years of Freedom.


J Holiday- I can't lie, I semi-slept on his vocal abilities. However, a few weeks ago he sang the National Anthem beautifully at Big Tigger's Celebrity Basketball Game in DC. I got a chance to chat with him afterward, and he's a cool cat, so I'm officially an advocate.


Carol's Daughter Gelee de Soleil Browning Oil- On a recent trip to South Beach with the Cutie Crew, we laid out on the sand to score some of the Sun's smooches (yeah yeah, I know). One of my girls pulled out this beach in a bottle, and i fell in love instantly. It's got SPF 15 (again, I know), so there's a little UVA/ UVB protection, and my tan was puuuurtee after my trip.


Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka- A very good friend of mine put me up on this perfect summer libation. Throw a few ice cubes in a glass, some watermelon chunks and as much of this smooth, sweet goodness as you can handle. It sho' am good! (I tried to resist, but I couldn't... have a sense of humor... kay?)

Rimmel London 60 Second Vinyl Shine- Girls on the go still gotta get their "shine" on, and sometimes when you're stoppin' shows, there's no time to stop at the salon. This stuff got me right in one coat and one minute. My shade of choice is the fantastically fuschia "Stop Traffic."