Thursday, July 31, 2008

Five, Six, Pick Up... (Hot Summer Flats)

Thong Song

StyleScrybe's got a little limp these days. (I can't reveal all the details, but I suggest not holding your drunk homie's hand to guide her through the club because she might take you with her when she falls. So much for secrecy, huh?) In addition to the pain in my knee, there's also some sorrow in my heart; I've had to stay off my stilettos for a while, so this summer, I'm an involuntary "flattie girl." Not one for looking blending in, I'm avoiding flat gladiators. That basically means I've had to "maintain my sexy" in hot, jeweled thongs (get your mind out of the gutter... I'm talking about sandals, silly). Whether you're anti high-altitude shoes, headed on a late summer sabbatical or hobbling like me, I figured you might be also in the market for a pair or two. With so many pairs out there, you may get overwhelmed, but here are five I found to get you started no matter your budget.

Flat Trippin'

Sometimes you just want something you can throw in your suitcase that's as light on your wallet as it is heavy on style. Bamboo's Joanie78 sandals are right up your alley. They're only $9.99 on
Layin' Low

Some of you want something that's sturdy and versatile enough to take you through the summer, whether you're wearing a maxi dress or a mini. Mastisse's "Lydia" ($48.92 on and Franco Sarto's "Marquis" ($79.99 at Nordstrom) are just what you're looking for.

Keepin' it Short

Every now and then you come across a pair that you wanna wear forever (even after your injury heals). For that, you'll pay a little more, but the consistent compliments make them worth it. Get some go-with-everything multicolored ones like the "Annette" by Cynthia Vincent ($139.99 on or the "Navajo Jewel" by Jack Rogers ($125 on

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might (I'll have this Donna Karan Tote when My Pockets get Right!)

Leo and Behold

Let's pretend I won the lottery, had a visit from my fairy godparent (he or she's out there somewhere, I just know it) or found some other way into a whole lotta chedda. If said fantasy were to come true, please believe a MAJOR shopping spree would be very close to the top of my to-do list. 'Til that happens, let's play a little game of "that's my bag."

StyleScrybe's birthday is quickly approaching, and while it's not time for cake and candles yet I'm already closing my eyes and making wishes. One such wish is that some benevolent soul will buy me the oh-so-timeless Modern Leo Large Tote by Donna Karan (or pay me enough to buy it myself). It's neither trendy nor headed for "it-bag-dom", but it's classic, stylish and durable... the kind of thing that may last longer than most first marriages (another wish on my list). The $1895 price tag is about as hefty as the bag will be once filled with shoes, notebooks and makeup, but the hand crafting and sturdy shrunken lamb leather make it well worth the price.

If you'd like to contribute to the birthday bag fund, please holla at a sista and let me know where to send the collection envelope. Until then, keep an eye out for me at traffic lights with a squeegee.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Five, Six, Pick Up... (Hot Shoes for Barbecues)

Fourth of July Fly

It's Independence day, and while some people still really celebrate the United States' liberation from England, I'm sure there are a bunch of folks who are happy to have a few days of freedom from the office. Oh, plus there's the parties, cookouts and great food. You've already decided which invitations you're accepting and which dishes you're bringing where. The only dilemma: what do you wear on your feet? Stilettos get stuck in the grass, but it can be hard to look hot in flats and flip flops (vacation suggestions coming soon, though). Don't forget you might stop by that pool party at some point, and your girl made sure the guy lineup is tasty as her famed apple pie. My suggestion (by now y'all know it's the StyleScrybe way to stand above the crowd): W-E-D-G-E-S to accent your patriotic palette. All the choices out there may have your head spinning faster than a fireworks pinwheel, so here are five choices I've found to get you started:

Almost Free

If you've already blown most of your weekend budget on food and booze for the barbecues, you'll love how little stores want for these shoes. is only charging $39.99 for these darling blue gingham "Wabi" wedges by Classified, and only asks $18.99 for their adorable blue slingback platforms.

For the People (with a little change to spare)

You're bringing chips and beer everywhere. Among friends, your top priority is your gear, and it's clear. (I won't tell them You bought the good stuff for your family's grill, my dear). Spangled-banner red is the way to go for you. $93 isn't much to spare at for these edgy graffiti-heeled "Cassidy Too" wedges by Zinc. If you're more of a pinup princess, $75 is a proper price for RSVP's "Farah" red patent pretties.

Ruling Class Only

Democracy isn't digging into your pockets (because then how'd you buy such gorgeous shoes?). You'll be at the country club this weekend, right? Even with all the bbq sauce around, you can afford to wear white. In these Dolce & Gabbana wedges, you'll be quite a sight. (OK, enough rhyming) Pop over to Neiman Marcus and drop the $595. I don't know if I've ever seen a more patriotic pair.

Just So Ya Know... (web time-killers)

Just One of Those Daaaaayyyys... That a Girl Goes Through...(c'mon, sing it with me)

truly doesn't feel like doing anything productive today. I know you know the feeling (shhhhh I promise I won't tell your boss). Anywho (spelled it that way intentionally), I've decided to share some of my favorite ways to kill time online, listed in no particular order. If you have any of your own, please comment... I'm sure the other gals will be glad you did. is free, has literally millions of games and lets you see how your skills stack up against other players. (I can't seem to get past the 50th percentile... I don't let it get me down, though. I'm smart... reaaalllly I am!)

We all have to stay in touch with our inner- stylist/ wannabe art director, right (or is that just me)? At you get to put together entire outfits using images from all over the web. Then, add little extra touches and voila! you've got yourself a collage. Send it my way when you're done, and check out mine too.

I first learned of this logophile's lovetoy from GalaDarling (she's the bomb-diggity, especially if you're having a bad day). You go to and enter whatever words you wish. Then, specify how you'd like them laid out, your fave font and your color pallette. In a few minutes you have a picture that's worth... well... however many words you want.

Shopaholics, stylelaholics and even salelaholics, this is the spot for you. Once you download the plugin, the self-proclaimed personal shopping engine lets you clip items from all over the net and save them to your own personal style list. Based on your selections, the staff suggests more. Plus, you can choose style buddies, rate items, create wish lists and give other users your opinion on what they've chosen. (Head on over and look me up... you know the name). OK for this one you have to be reeeaaallly bored and longing for the YM days (did I just age myself there?). Sometimes it's kinda fun though. It's one of those sites with a bunch of quizes you can take and then share the results with your friends on Myspace and Facebook.


Are y'all tired of posts without pics yet? Let me know... just trying to make this thing a little more well-rounded, but more clothes comin' soon!