Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beautiful! I Just Want You to Know: I’m loving LAMIK


Putting the U in Beauty

169I recently visited New York’s Crowne Plaza with a few other bloggers for an intimate introduction to LAMIK Beauty and its founder, Kim Roxie. As I sat and listened to Kim speak about what’s in a lot of the products in my makeup bag- especially my lip gloss (but not in LAMIK), I got tempted to overhaul most of my collection (until reality set in and I remembered a new makeup wardrobe isn’t in the budget). As a licensed aesthetician, she’s made it a point to learn about the ingredient lists for the products she’s used- and applied that knowledge to excluding harmful chemicals and comedogenic additives (parabens, talc, etc.) from LAMIK.

170What interested me most about the presentation, though, was her explanation of the LAMIK way. Rule #1: Beauty is revealed, not applied. Alluding to the natural beauty we each possess, the belief system behind the brand indicates that you should work to accentuate the natural features rather than simply applying a bunch of product. Rule #2: No rubbing- always blot or pat. Whether you’re applying foundation, eye shadow or lipstick, do not rub the product in… simply blot or pat it on so that you can have full control of the amount you’re putting on. She put her words into action, and “revealed” my inner sex pot with an “Ostrich Green” smoky eye. (She even brought my non-existent brows to life using the LAMIK Celebrity Brow Kit.)


Oh… here’s another cool tidbit about LAMIK- If happen to drop and break an eye shadow, you no longer have to throw it away or put it into a mini plastic bag (to keep it from getting on EVERYTHING). Now, you can simply bring it into a store, and they’ll turn it into a loose powder shadow for you (and put it into their patented no-break packaging). Plus, if you have a lipstick or gloss shade that’s being discontinued… or simply want the color without the crummy ingredients, bring or ship it to them, and they’ll re-create it for you (and it’ll only cost you $21).

Friday, August 5, 2011

Between the Sheets: Jones Magazine’s “Your Best Summer” Issue


Er’body Jones! *Capo voice*

Jones Mag Summer Issue CoverJones Magazine’s recently released summer issue celebrates the hot (haute) season in living color (not just neon nails & bright clothes, but also multicultural models and designers). In addition to making a call for more diversity in the fashion industry, the mag’s editors also scoured various beauty counters to find the best products and consulted with Net-A-Porter’s fashion director, Holli Rogers to find this season’s style requirements. My favorite part, though, is Marquita Harris’ ode to icons of color (was a bit surprised to see Lisa Bonet amongst the ranks of Grace Jones, Diana Ross and Dorothy Dandridge, but…). I never believe any magazine can tell me how to have my “best summer” (or any season). However, I will say that I had a fun few minutes reading it and lusting over the shoes, etc. Now I’m all haute & bothered. Excuse me while I go check my fresh.