Saturday, September 20, 2008

WTF Moment: Howcome Everybody's Naked?

I Guess Everybody's Right Said Fred

(Too sexy for their clothes)

So, Ciara stripped for VIBE and Eva Mendez did it for Calvin Klein. Not sure who restarted this mainstream bare-all trend, and also not sure what I think of it. On one hand, a main part of my reason for picking up the glossies is the fashion (meaning I wanna see some folks wearing clothes, whether in ads or editorial spreads. No homo, but if I wanted pics of hot, nude chicks, I'd pick up Playboy, King or some other T&A mag). On the other, I have exhibitionist tendencies, so I kinda dig it, especially since there's some class involved. (It's not like they're showing va-jay-jay or anything.) ELLE Magazine's Maggie Bullock (one of my fave editors to pitch when I was a publicist) caught up with Mizz Mendez to chat about her too-hot-for-TV commercials etc, and she revealed that (like StyleScrybe) she prefers to walk around her home sans clothes. Wanna see what else she said (or just check out the hot fashion spread)? Click here. For more of Ci Ci's photos and to let folks know what you think of them, visit My Fashion Frenzy. Tell Nikki I sent cha.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Five, Six, Pick Up... (Fun Office Supplies)

Back to Cool

BackinthedayswhenIwasyoung... I'mnotakidanymore, butsomedays IsitandwishIwasakidagain... (yeah I went there)

Remember school shopping? StyleScrybe does. (I mean, it was SHOPPING for crying out lou
d!) Not only did I require the freshest sneakers, the flyest jeans and illest accessories, I also needed cool school supplies too (I was a Lisa Frank kid). I don't miss the anxiety of new classes, homework or picking out the perfect enseble to start the school year. However, while strolling through stores on various errands and seeing notebooks, etc., I feel a bit nostalgic. I mean, there was something special about opening my notebook to a blank page and using a brand new pen. Stuff's starting to feel stagnant in StyleScrybeland, and I need that feeling of newness again (you know, that "maybe-i'll-get-straight-A's-and-maybe-the-cool-boy-will-wanna-go-steady" feeling). It's about time for me to shake things up a little and revive the "anything-can-happen" in me, even if it's only via a little office overhaul. How 'bout you? Well, here are a few items I found to get us all started:

We all need a little reminder here and there. These Love your Life Sticky Notes by KOCO New York kill two birds with one stone. Now, on tough days, you won't forget what's really important.

Not every magazine comes with those little stickers like the ones in Lucky, and you really shouldn't dog-ear book pages. Flower Petal Page Markers by Natsuko Kurosawa are a pretty way not to lose your place. Buy a few and stick them in your pencil cup for a bouquet you won't have to water.

I don't know about you, but I tend to keep an "everything" notebook handy to help organize my thoughts (and life). The cool thing about this spiral-bound Tokidoki "Kaiten Sushi" Journal (other than the dope cover) is the cute illustrations on the pages.

You can't write in your fun notebook with boring utensils. Thank goodness for these Jordi Lebland SOFT pens. They're refillable and come in a variety of "personalities". I'll be ordering Saffron. Which one's your fave?

A Place for everything, and everything it it's place, right? Pithy Sayings file folders keep your documents in order and your disposition pleasant.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just So Ya Know... Shine Through It

Let Me Count the Ways

OK, so StyleScrybe wasn't one of the blessed few to receive an advance copy of Terrance Howard's new CD, Shine Through It. However, I did see him on "The View" the other day, and I'm almost motivated to count the ways that I do love he. (C'mon you know you do too, but anyway...) I'll just stick with this one... he said one of the reasons for his entry into the music game was the fact that he came across an amazing artist and knew that the best way for her to get a deal was for him to get a deal and then share the limelight. I don't know him personally, so if you have the scoop you may have me beat. However, I'm L-O-V-I-N-G "Sanctuary", and I must agree that Ilsey Juber is "the TRUTH" (that's a direct quote from TH). Check out a couple of the songs on his Myspace and then got to and cop the CD.