Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Check It Out, Yo: Achraf Amiri's Fashion Illustrations

The Art of Storytellin'... Or Vice Versa...

There. Are. No. Words. Well, there's one... WERK! Seriously, the commentary made by Achraf Amiri's art is... well... you tell me.

Yes, I love fashion, but I don't live for it. I devour certain monthly mags and habitually check for a few daily blogs. And, yes, I get supa dupa fly. Still, the glam world won't be the death of me (no sir-E). With NYFW on the horizon, I hope that last image helps some of my designer-obsessed homies keep things in perspective.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Collabo Row: Lanvin X H&M for Holiday 2010

Can't Help But Wait...

H&M picks some of the best bedfellows. EVER. Whether it's Madonna, Victor & Rolf or any other of the long list of impressive names, they always draw huge (and often brutal) crowds. No matter the mash-up the debut day line is guaranteed to be blocks long. This time, it's Lanvin that has fashion whores lusting. The collection will be released in November, just in time for the holidays. Santa, Baby, I suggest you start taking notes now. I'm sure items from this collection will top many-a-list.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Oooh Weee: VS PINK NFL Gear Has Me Feenin

The JETS Set 


Here's another little factoid about me. In my role as a PR consultant, I work on the accounts of a few professional football players, one of whom is NY JETS linebacker, Calvin Pace (@jetsPACE97 on twitter). Yes, that means I get to attend a game or two. No, that doesn't mean I wear a signed #97 jersey (or ANY jersey) to those games. They simply don't look good on me. You can imagine my delight, then, when I got wind that Victoria's Secret PINK released a line of NFL themed gear, and the New York JETS are a featured team. Yay! This season I'll be reppin' my set in accented team T-shirts. This short sleeved one ($36.50 and available HERE) will do the trick while it's warm out. The scoop neck means I can serve up a little sexy in the stands (never know whom you'll see where). Then, when the temp drops, I can switch to the three quarter sleeve green one ($39.50 and available HERE). (Now, I just need to figure out what shoes I'll wear.)