Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Oooh Weee: This Draped Across Dress from Nasty Gal has Me Feenin’


Draped up & Hipped Out…

Nasty Gal Draped Across Dress StyleScrybeSays

When you “got an a$$ that can swallow a g-string, and up top, uhn, two bee stings,” it can be a bit tough to find dresses that complement both the undergarment grubber AND the barely there boobies. I’m kinda sorta part of that club, and let me tell you how hard it is to find dresses that are a happy medium between hoochie and humdrum. The fashion gods seem to have heard my laments, so they sent Saint NASTY GAL to the rescue, armed with the Draped Across dress. Though the top is actually more voluminous than the bottom, it hangs in such a way that makes my lack of cleavage chic. The bottom portion is semi fitted, so I’d suggest going a size up to make sure it caresses your lady lumps instead of squeezing them. Oh… and who doesn’t love a dress with pockets??? It’s available in all types of punchy colors, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned numerous times that fuchsia is my favorite. (My birthday is in less than a month… HINT! I’ll take a medium. It’s only $58 dollars… Thanks!)

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