Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Oooh Weee: This Pat Field Original Pumps Beach Towel Has Me Feenin’


High & Dry

Pat Field Pumps Towel StyleScrybeSaysYou may not be able to tell from the crazy weather patterns on the east coast, but the calendar says summer’s fast approaching. It’s almost time for partying poolside and lounging on the beach. I haven’t even started the process of bathing suit shopping for the year (Gasp! Cringe! *sucks stomach in*), but I’ve already spotted my first must-have beach towel. EVERYONE knows StyleScrybe is a shoe geek, so imagine the delight I felt when I spied a picture of the Patricia Field Original Pumps Beach Towel in my inbox.

One of my least favorite parts about going to the beach is the fact that I have to be in flats (heels in the sand seldom work out quite right). With this towel, at least I’ll be able to lounge on a few pairs even if I can’t walk in them. The website doesn’t provide exact measurements (maybe Miss Pat should hire StyleScrybe to do product descriptions), but it looks pretty big in the pictures. I’d say it’s worth the $25 (pending a trip to the Pat Field fashion playground to cop a feel for softness).



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