Monday, February 21, 2011

The Oooh Weee: This JuJuLee “Diamond” Pendant Has Me Feenin’


Diamonds on My Neck (Di-diamonds on my neck…)

Jujulee Diamond Necklace StyleScrybe Says

I’m pretty over the whole “iced out chain” thing, but I can still dig a well-placed bit o’ bling. (Over the word “bling,” too, but it rhymes, so…) This “Diamond” pendant from Jujulee’s Etsy store, with its is iridescent acrylic shards, shines just enough for me. It’s a perfect post-recession (*eye roll* lots of people I know STILL can’t find a job) chic accent when pearls don’t suffice. Oooh… wait… I think I’ll wear mine WITH pearls. Yeah… that’s it. It’s only $9.95, so maybe I’ll get a few and layer them or something. Who knows. Either way, I think this little “Diamond” might be my new best friend (I mean, it’s DEFINITELY conflict free, so there’s no guilt involved).

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