Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, here's what has me feenin')

On the Low, Though, Shhh...

Last week, when my fam was here from "Tha A", they wanted to do the tourist thing in NY. Then a friend of mine came up from B-More to shop. I'm game for wearing heels to do almost anything, but with all the cracks and vents, New York streets are too treacherous for long treks in good shoes. As I got dressed, I realized the need for a fly pair of flat boots. I'm not into looking like a cookie-cutter teeny bopper (though I'm barely a day over 20, wink wink), so the 80's-inspired pointy-toed, slouchy boots don't do it for me. A pair of equestrian boots, though, is the perfect wardrobe addition for this clotheshorse. Unfortunately, riding boots (at least the cute ones) can cost a pretty penny. I gotta shout out Tia at Shake Your Beauty for her post on a party dress from Delia's, which, of course led me to a search of the site's shoe department. Gasp! These boots are only $67! Don't spill the beans, though or everybody'll be beat-biting, and we can't have that. So these will be our little secret... pinky swear?

Gangsta Heezeelz!!!

If you're a true music fan, you'll rock a t-shirt featuring your favorite act, right? Well, why should it be any different with fashion, or more specifically, footwear? This "Dressed to Kill" raglan from Hellz Bellz is the edgiest shoe shout out I've ever seen, and I'm lovin' it. I see it with gray or black skinny jeans and converses or ankle boots. I might even be funny and wear a denim mini and ballet flats with opaque tights. I like to keep folks on their toes like that. For only 48 smackeroos, you can get one of your own at Cultlist. Be forewarned, any chick who dares wear this tee better have enough attitude to carry it off. Not for the faint of heart (or foot), it screams "sex, murder and mayhem" (Hov is so quotable!). When you wear your heart on your heels, though, there's bound to be a little bloodshed, right?.

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that HELLZ BELLZ is so dope !