Monday, November 26, 2007

Five, Six, Pick Up... (Gifts for Cosmetics Connoisseurs)

About Face

There's one in every crew... the girl whose wardrobe is a little blah, but her makeup is always perfect. She doesn't care much about the Christian trinity (
you know, Louboutin, Lacroix and Dior), but she sure knows the ABC's of beauty (Anastasia, Bobbi Brown, Cargo, and so on). You and the rest of your gal gang give her fashion goodies every year, but she never seems to wear them (beca
use she's given them to her other friends for their birthdays). This year, stop trying to reinvent the wheel, for once, and give her something she won't have to re-gift. If you're reading this, you've got more of a fashion focus than a beauty brain, so I did the foot- (er, finger-)work for you. Here are five glam-up giftsI found that should fit a variety of friendship (price) levels.

BFF on a Budget ($)

If it's a stocking you're stuffing, spend $5.09 for this set of 8 e.l.f. Hypershine Mi
ni Cell Phone Lip Gloss Charms at, or up the ante a little for a $25 Sugar Cosmetics Zip Kit containing a lip gloss and 4 eyeshadow choices at

Generous Gal-Pal ($$)

Cargo's $45 collection of favorites makes it easy to achieve this holiday season's sophisticated looks. A $108 value, this festively packaged limited edition kit is available only at Sephora. Every face-ionista knows no face is completely "beat" without perfectly bowed brows. Give your homegirl the upper hand with this $75 Anastasia Beverly Hills kit.

Sister-friend with a Surplus ($$$)

If you got it like that, then give like this: Bobbi Brown's limited edition Rose Gold Collection. For $125 your beauty-addicted buddy'll get a glamorous 5-piece makeup set in an exclusive shimmery Beauty Kit.

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