Friday, November 2, 2007

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, here's what has me feenin')

Buns of Steal

When it comes to music, "Crews pop to Hip Hop" (Shout out to the Youngstas... where are those dudes now anyway?), but fashion's all caught up in metal mania. These lustrous, stretchy jeans from Cheap Monday are a perfect way to keep my derriere debonair. Pop into your local Urban Outfitters and cop a pair or two. At only $65, it's almost like you didn't pay for them at all... get it? "Buns of Steal?" And all this time you were thinking I had a typo in the title... pshaw!

Pump Pump Pump Pump it Up!

When was the last time you saw a pair of shoes for under $200 that were so fly they had you stuck on stupid? It actually happens to me pretty often (yeah, my shoe obsession runs deep), but with footwear each new high feels just as good as the first one. These sexy cracked leather "Alix" pumps from Report, with their almond toes and high collar, are the perfect addition to my fall lineup. Dude, they're only $189 at Zappos! Yep, I'm officially a card-carrying "crack" head.

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