Thursday, November 15, 2007

That New New for You You (Pat Field for Barbie)

Barbie Never Plays Out

When i was a wee stylista, my playmate/exemplar epitomized glamor, success and almost everything a girl could want. She was plastic, though, and her world was all for fake fake. (Dunno why we used to say it that way). The dollie days have ended, but thanks to Mattel's strategic partnerships, real-life fashion figures can still channel the eternally chic icon. First, there was the limited edition makeup colabo with M.A.C, and now there's the new fashion line from Patricia Field. (You know, the mind behind Sex and the City style.) Launched November 13 at Field's Manhattan boutique, "Barbie by Patricia Field", a collection of audacious apparel and accessories is comprised of two separate lines, "Barbie Luxe by Patricia Field" (Sold exclusively at Macy's East stores) and "Junior's Barbie Wear by Patricia Field" (sold at Hot Topic). Both lines,however are available at House of Field. So far my favorites are the "I Want My Dream House tee" and the vintage-inspired belted black satin dress.

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