Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Retail Therapy: Altruette’s Charitable Charms


There’s a special feeling of happiness one experiences after purchasing an adored item, and it’s magnified by 10 when you know proceeds from that purchase are going to a good cause. (No… I don’t have scientific evidence to back that statement up. I’m just going by my own heart.) It’s therapeutic.

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Altruette Notebook Charm StyleScrybe Says

I’m hoping you’ve figured out by now that I fancy myself a writer (and a few other people agree… that’s why they write me checks). You may or may not, however, be privy to my love for notebooks. I almost always have one in my purse (even though I can take notes on my phone), and I have at least 5 in rotation at any given time.

I also dig jewelry, and I’m sentimental, so I swoon over small, meaningful danglies. See where I’m going with the recycled silver Notebook Charm that’s plated in gold and pictured to the left? Here’s the creamy center in all of this goodness, though: Altruette, the company behind it, will donate 50% of the its net proceeds to Girls Write Now. As a matter of fact, they make quite a few different pieces of jewelry, and they’re all tied to charities. This particular charm costs $155, but knowing that a sizeable chunk of that will go toward developing the next generation of writer chicks makes it worth it. Go check them out… whether you’re into animals, tech causes or global initiatives, there’s a piece of jewelry there for you.

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