Friday, January 14, 2011

The Oooh Weee: Screw the Zodiac Change, these Leo-inspired Pieces Have me Feenin’


Rawr! Rawr! Like a…

We’re fabulous, generous, passionate and often creative. We’re also a bit dogmatic, a scoche bossy (I prefer “inclined to lead”) and allegedly interfering. Nonetheless, Leo women are easy to love (ask anyone who knows me).  A bunch of news reports, twitter chatter and Facebook updates are reporting that the planets have shifted over the last 3000 years, and many of us don’t really belong to the zodiac signs we thought we did. Well, to the folks who got us all up in a stir… I don’t believe you. You need more people. I’m pretty much the poster child for Leos, and your claims that I’m actually a Cancer won’t change that… because I said so. Anyway, here are a couple of Leoriffic pieces I’m contemplating to celebrate my sign.

Lulus The Lioness Necklace StyleScrybe Says

Gotta love a necklace that says “If you mess with me, I might bite your head off. “The Lioness Necklace” from does just that, except it’s still cute and dainty in a way. It’s only $17.99, too. See, not EVERYTHING has to be extravagant for a Leo to love it. (Especially if it’s some kind of self-acknowledging accessory.)





Vivre Leo Zodiac Cuff StyleScrybe SaysLeos are also fans of sparkly-yet-not-obnoxious things (OK most of us like sparkly things in general, but we know how to rock them properly). That must be why I’m such a fan of this Leo Zodiac Cuff by Jessica Kagan Cushman (via for $85)



Modcloth I Aint Lion Earrings ShoesNBoozeThe moment I saw these dangly I Ain’t Lion” earrings, I was in love. Lions? Check! Odd detail? Check! Dope with a fro? CHECK! In stock? Nope. Still, I had to share them… maybe they’ll be back at ModCloth soon. (Gotta love a restock notification list. *blink*)





Know of other leotastic accessories I should be eyeballing? Let me know!

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