Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Oooh Weee: This Urban Outfitters Gangsta Rap Tee has me Feenin’


Because the “Debil” Was Busy…

Gangsta Rap Tee UO StyleScrybeSaysSo… I try to stay on Karma’s good side and keep my inner ratchet-ness at bay. However, occasionally, I act up a little. Previously, I’d say “Blame it on the al-al-al-al…” or “When the Remy’s in the system…” However, Thanks to Urban Outfitters I have an even better cop out: Gangsta Rap! Blamed for various social ills from disregard for the law to middle American white teen angst, gangsta rap might be the best scapegoat ever. And now I’m jumping on the bandwagon (granted… I do have my opinions about the effects of entertainment on society, but that’s for a different conversation). So, if you happen to see me cuss someone out, kiss a guy in public or even don a pair of fifty-four-elevens, remember… Gangsta Rap Made Me DO IT. I promise to only say it when I’m wearing the tee shirt, though.

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