Thursday, December 11, 2008

That New New for You You (LA Gear Originals Get Another Run)

On the Funky Dope Remix Tip...

StyleScrybe's doin' the woody woodpecker, the running man, and what I remember of Oaktown's 357's routine to "Yeah Yeah Yeah" (Aw Yeah!) Wanna know why? Because all those things take me back to the days when I doubled up on slouch socks and rocked lace shoe strings in my LA Gears. Back then, you were pretty wiggedy wack if you didn't have at least one pair. I had some with rhinestones on them, some others with fuschia and turquoise trim and another pair with the pink and purple twisted leather on the sides. (Couldn't tell me nothin when I put 'em on with my acid washed denim skirt and jacket... Oooh and my matching shoestring hair bow). I recently looked at pictures of myself from those days, happy they were over. Well, smiled too soon because they're back. Just like 8 ball jackets, leggings, (somewhat regrettably) acid wash and so many of the things we thought we'd never wear again, throwback LA Gears have made a return!

In a partnership with indie Cali sneaker retailer, Sportie LA, LA Gear's owner, ACI is relaunching classic styles from the Unstoppable line in updated colors and materials. (Like patent leather). The line officially launched today exclusively at Sportie LA and on its website and is slated to become available at select retailers next month. I can't lie, I might cop a pair if they do some fuschia/ turquoise joints. They start at $74.95, but that's not a horrible price considering they still come with 2 pairs of shoelaces!

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Stesha said...

Girl, don't take us back to the Gears and double up socks...those were the days!