Thursday, July 31, 2008

Five, Six, Pick Up... (Hot Summer Flats)

Thong Song

StyleScrybe's got a little limp these days. (I can't reveal all the details, but I suggest not holding your drunk homie's hand to guide her through the club because she might take you with her when she falls. So much for secrecy, huh?) In addition to the pain in my knee, there's also some sorrow in my heart; I've had to stay off my stilettos for a while, so this summer, I'm an involuntary "flattie girl." Not one for looking blending in, I'm avoiding flat gladiators. That basically means I've had to "maintain my sexy" in hot, jeweled thongs (get your mind out of the gutter... I'm talking about sandals, silly). Whether you're anti high-altitude shoes, headed on a late summer sabbatical or hobbling like me, I figured you might be also in the market for a pair or two. With so many pairs out there, you may get overwhelmed, but here are five I found to get you started no matter your budget.

Flat Trippin'

Sometimes you just want something you can throw in your suitcase that's as light on your wallet as it is heavy on style. Bamboo's Joanie78 sandals are right up your alley. They're only $9.99 on
Layin' Low

Some of you want something that's sturdy and versatile enough to take you through the summer, whether you're wearing a maxi dress or a mini. Mastisse's "Lydia" ($48.92 on and Franco Sarto's "Marquis" ($79.99 at Nordstrom) are just what you're looking for.

Keepin' it Short

Every now and then you come across a pair that you wanna wear forever (even after your injury heals). For that, you'll pay a little more, but the consistent compliments make them worth it. Get some go-with-everything multicolored ones like the "Annette" by Cynthia Vincent ($139.99 on or the "Navajo Jewel" by Jack Rogers ($125 on

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