Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Five, Six, Pick Up... (Hot Shoes for Barbecues)

Fourth of July Fly

It's Independence day, and while some people still really celebrate the United States' liberation from England, I'm sure there are a bunch of folks who are happy to have a few days of freedom from the office. Oh, plus there's the parties, cookouts and great food. You've already decided which invitations you're accepting and which dishes you're bringing where. The only dilemma: what do you wear on your feet? Stilettos get stuck in the grass, but it can be hard to look hot in flats and flip flops (vacation suggestions coming soon, though). Don't forget you might stop by that pool party at some point, and your girl made sure the guy lineup is tasty as her famed apple pie. My suggestion (by now y'all know it's the StyleScrybe way to stand above the crowd): W-E-D-G-E-S to accent your patriotic palette. All the choices out there may have your head spinning faster than a fireworks pinwheel, so here are five choices I've found to get you started:

Almost Free

If you've already blown most of your weekend budget on food and booze for the barbecues, you'll love how little stores want for these shoes. Cutesygirl.com is only charging $39.99 for these darling blue gingham "Wabi" wedges by Classified, and Amiclubwear.com only asks $18.99 for their adorable blue slingback platforms.

For the People (with a little change to spare)

You're bringing chips and beer everywhere. Among friends, your top priority is your gear, and it's clear. (I won't tell them You bought the good stuff for your family's grill, my dear). Spangled-banner red is the way to go for you. $93 isn't much to spare at Zappos.com for these edgy graffiti-heeled "Cassidy Too" wedges by Zinc. If you're more of a pinup princess, $75 is a proper price for RSVP's "Farah" red patent pretties.

Ruling Class Only

Democracy isn't digging into your pockets (because then how'd you buy such gorgeous shoes?). You'll be at the country club this weekend, right? Even with all the bbq sauce around, you can afford to wear white. In these Dolce & Gabbana wedges, you'll be quite a sight. (OK, enough rhyming) Pop over to Neiman Marcus and drop the $595. I don't know if I've ever seen a more patriotic pair.

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