Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just So Ya Know... (web time-killers)

Just One of Those Daaaaayyyys... That a Girl Goes Through...(c'mon, sing it with me)

truly doesn't feel like doing anything productive today. I know you know the feeling (shhhhh I promise I won't tell your boss). Anywho (spelled it that way intentionally), I've decided to share some of my favorite ways to kill time online, listed in no particular order. If you have any of your own, please comment... I'm sure the other gals will be glad you did.

Websudoku.com is free, has literally millions of games and lets you see how your skills stack up against other players. (I can't seem to get past the 50th percentile... I don't let it get me down, though. I'm smart... reaaalllly I am!)

We all have to stay in touch with our inner- stylist/ wannabe art director, right (or is that just me)? At Polyvore.com you get to put together entire outfits using images from all over the web. Then, add little extra touches and voila! you've got yourself a collage. Send it my way when you're done, and check out mine too.

I first learned of this logophile's lovetoy from GalaDarling (she's the bomb-diggity, especially if you're having a bad day). You go to Wordle.net and enter whatever words you wish. Then, specify how you'd like them laid out, your fave font and your color pallette. In a few minutes you have a picture that's worth... well... however many words you want.

Shopaholics, stylelaholics and even salelaholics, this is the spot for you. Once you download the plugin, the self-proclaimed personal shopping engine lets you clip items from all over the net and save them to your own personal style list. Based on your selections, the Stylefeeder.com staff suggests more. Plus, you can choose style buddies, rate items, create wish lists and give other users your opinion on what they've chosen. (Head on over and look me up... you know the name).

Blogthings.com- OK for this one you have to be reeeaaallly bored and longing for the YM days (did I just age myself there?). Sometimes it's kinda fun though. It's one of those sites with a bunch of quizes you can take and then share the results with your friends on Myspace and Facebook.


Are y'all tired of posts without pics yet? Let me know... just trying to make this thing a little more well-rounded, but more clothes comin' soon!

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