Monday, April 7, 2008

That New New for You You (B-R goes G-R-een)

Fly Green Banana

A tipster from, the online home of one of my go-to glossies, just informed me that Banana Republic's Green line is a go today. Designed with Banana's already-loyal customers in mind, the 50 piece capsule collection doesn't stray far from BR's signature style (great for gals who go straight from their day jobs to their night lives). The fact that the pieces are made of organic Turkish cotton and linen, soy-silk blends and bamboo is merely a karmic bonus. As eco-icing on the cake, Banana is now using recycled packaging and energy-conserving light bulbs in stores. When you have a few minutes, Banana split from the office, and go get your Green on (look for the little green elephant emblem to make sure you're picking the right pieces). In the meantime, let your fingers to the skipping over to to get more details and see more images from the line.

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