Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just So Ya Know... (Fahionable Mutual Funds)

Investing in Style

Sooo... Stylescrybe isn't the savviest when it comes to stocks, bonds and savings. With the economy in its current state, though, she figures she'd better learn sooner than later. (Seriously, how's she gonna buy shoes on Social Security?) It all just seems so confusing (not to mention borderline boring), though- bull, bear, buy here, sell there... sigh. Alas, there's hope. You know how when one of your friends shops at a certain store all the time, you say, "you should own stock at _____"? Well I think the folks at Thrasher Funds heard that statement enough times and took heed. They've come up with the GendeX Fund, a mutual fund that invests your money in fashion, beauty and tech companies that are probably already getting your money. I'm talking American Apparel, people, and you can start with only $100 and then $50/month. Now, even I know to read the fine print and talk to a live person before forking over any dough. However, in the meantime, visit their MySpace page, check out Thrasher TV on YouTube and register to win a super-cool "Save" bag (pictured above and also available in Fuschia!).

**Disclaimer- StyleScrybe isn't a financial expert, and you assume any and all responsibility for what happens between you and the Thrasher folks.

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