Monday, April 28, 2008

Just for Fun

I Believe in Yesterday

Oh Yesterday, (ooooh) all my troubles seemed so far away... (singing like ole girl from EnVogue)

Sigh... StylesScrybe feels a little nostalgic today. It seems prom season is about to descend on my area, and I can't help but reminisce on those days back in ____ (ahem, none of your business, lol), when I frantically searched for shoes and accessories to go with my gowns. (2 proms in 5 days!) I've decided to answer my inner teen prom queen's call by perusing the prom guides. My, my how things have changed. Hemlines have gone sky high, and girls have gotten plenty adventurous. Just check Lydia Hearst's ensemble by Heatherette (cute but not quite my speed). She did a whole photo shoot for ELLEgirl, though... and there are some pretty hot Louboutin pumps on set (see!).

I'm thinkin' me and my squad should have our own little pretend prom this weekend (you should have one too and then tell me how it went).

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