Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shop to Save (Because Saving $$$ is Good but Saving Lives is Best)

Earth to Everybody

What did you do to help save the planet today? I know you couldn't possibly have forgotten that it was Earth day. (It's a darn shame that we need a day on our calendars to remind us to take care of our home). This post is so late because I was out picking up litter and um planting trees (OK... you're right... StyleScrybe doesn't like dirty hands). Still, I do always recycle, walk whenever possible and buy green here and there. Plus, I'm definitely copping this "Do Something" fitted tee from the Rainforest Site. The dopest (yeah I just said dopest lol) thing about it is that if you look closely, it actually suggests some Earth-saving activities. For every one of these tees sold, 1145 square feet of rain forest will be preserved. As an added eco-bonus, for a limited (yet unspecified) time, the Rain Forest Site folks are celebrating Earth Day by planting a tree for every order completed at the Rainforest Site Shop. So, if you didn't hug a tree today or find some other way to give Mother Earth some much-needed TLC, maybe you should "Do Something" by ordering your own eco-chic tee. They also have plenty of other cute clothes, accessories and jewelry over there, so look around.

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