Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might (Rock On, Barbie)

Let's pretend I won the lottery, had a visit from my fairy godparent (he or she's out there somewhere, I just know it) or found some other way into a whole lotta chedda. If said fantasy were to come true, please believe a MAJOR shopping spree would be very close to the top of my to-do list. 'Til that happens, let's play a little game of "that's my I-C-E."

Me & You Together Gonna Shine 'Til the End...

When you hear the term "Best Friend", who (or what) comes to mind? StyleScrybe immediately thinks of a chick who's been there "from the nada to the Prada", literally (her name was immortalized by a Cool & the Gang song... mad cool points if you can guess). However, for countless girls (of all ages), that term conjures images of Barbie dolls and/or diamonds. If that group includes you, check this, you can now rock (pun intended) the iconic childhood companion in the most grownup of ways (if your pockets are right). I just got word that Mattel (the company that pulls Barbie's proverbial strings) recently inked a licensing deal to create Barbie Rocks by Layna and Alan Friedman, a new line of precious gem-encrusted baubles inspired by the queen of glamor, herself. If you don't mind going without the jewels, you can cop a simple sterling silver dogtag for $225. Doesn't that all but defeat the purpose, though? If you're gonna do it, do it like Babs would- all the way fly- and go for one of the pave pieces. It'll cost about $2900 at the most, so let's get one in each color. (Close your mouth... we're wishing here, dahhhlings.) Seriously, though, you'll get some karma points because partial proceeds will go to the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.

If anyone's wondering what gift you should send me in gratitude for some helpful tidbit, I'll take the black Barbie dressed in... yep... diamonds.

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