Monday, October 15, 2007

Shop to Save (Because Saving $$$ is Good but Saving Lives is Best)

Africa's the new "black." Along with the whole "green" thing, the continent and its various woes are the collective cause du'jour, and rightfully so. (Let's not forget it's the birthplace of humanity.) So here are a couple of shop ops that let you score some goods and do a little good in the process.

Join EDUN and The One Campaign to Combat AIDS in Africa

Buy one of these $40 ONE Campaign tees, and $10 will be donated to ALAFA (Apparel Lesotho Alliance for Africa), which provides life-saving ARV (antiretroviral) drugs to Lesotho's factory workers and their families. Just like last year, (yep, this is round two and folks are still dying) the shirts are made in Lesotho from 100% African cotton. I know, you're already picturing how you're gonna accessorize and personalize yours, right? Well here's how you get one: click here, bid here for one customized by a celebrity or hit up Nordstrom, which will match the $10 for every shirt sold in the U.S. up to $100,000.

Get a Gucci and Give to UNICEF

It's not here yet, but the holiday season is right around the corner, and once again, a percentage of sales from Gucci's holiday collection of bags and accessories will be donated to UNICEF. 25% of all sales will go to providing healthcare, education, protection and clean water to children in Malawi and Mozambique. Purchasing the keystone piece, the large Frida Giannini-designed Gucci for UNICEF Indy bag at $2350, will sustain the health of an orphan for a full year. The collection will be available from November 15 through December 31st at over 200 Gucci stores and, so start saving now. Then, go and give some money little Gucci Bag Girl. (Ok, I'm no Lil' Wayne... Sue me)

See, Just because there was a lack of black faces on the Spring '08 runways doesn't mean the fashion industry isn't concerned about us "coluhd" folks right? Sike!

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