Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just So Ya Know...

Blue is the New "Green"

Everyone's all up-in-arms about the environment, and we should be, lest we find a way to live on another planet. Oil! Trees! Natural disasters! They're all important, but we often forget one of our most necessary natural resources... water. We know it's polluted because we now have to buy it by the bottle or get filters just to shower. (maybe that Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina were the Oceans' way of crying out for attention?) However, i don't see much emphasis placed on the oceans or the ever-growing Eastern Garbage Patch. Maybe that's why Women's Health Magazine has dubbed November the "Blue Issue" and dedicated it to the awareness of issues that face the oceans, the seas and their inhabitants. Alexandra and Philippe Costeau, founders of EarthEcho International and grandchildren of Jacques, are guest editors of this issue and help the mag educate its readers on how to take action. Are you ready to do your part? Let's start with a new catch phrase... "What do you do blue?"

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