Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, thes Via Spiga Novella boots have me feenin')

Life on the Fringe

Thus far, StyleScrybe's been anti- the whole fringe thing. Yeah, I know they're all the rage, but a woman with true style can always say "no" to a trend she doesn't like. One look at these "Novella" boots by Via Spiga have lead me to veto my decision, though (OK, maybe not a total veto, but I'm at least making an ammendment). They're pearlized leather, have a 4 inch heel and the shaft is tall enough for them to qualify as ef-me boots. The long fringe is simply a little hippie chic thrown into the mix (and since it's less voluminous than most of what's out there, I won't look like a Woodstock relic). Plus, next year, if fringes are out, you can tie them into a bow or find something else creative to do with them. Not bad for the $212.50 wants for them, right?


Roberto said...

Oh those are cool.

I normally dislike anything tassel related on shoes.

And the tassels don't look like after thought design either.

totallymisslikey said...

love love