Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beautiful! I Just Want You to Know! (Kiss My Face & E.L.F)

I'll Take You to the Candy Shop...

Whatchu know 'bout me (whatchu whatchu know 'bout me!)? Well here's one thing you need to know: StyleScrybe's lip gloss is officially cool (and poppin'). Since it's winter, I'm constantly re-hydrating my pucker, so I was super psyched to find a CP-time Christmas gift baggie loaded with lip goodies in my mailbox. When I saw the deep, bronzy color of the topaz Sheer Organic Shine by Kiss My Face, I was concerned, but I'm a sucker for anything minty (can't beat shiny lips AND fresh breath in one pop), so I gave it a try. Once I realized the subtlety of the color and read on the tube that it's 100% natural (and 91% organic), I was hooked. I think Opal will be my next color (they're all named after precious jewels).

Then, the sweet side of me swooned when I spotted e.l.f.'s Candy Shop lip gloss tins. I got "Cherry Bomb" and "Frosting Fanatic" and was impressed with both. Just enough shimmer and tint with believably yummy smells and a hint of flavor.

At least this year my lips will be ready for Valentine's Day even if my love life isn't. Oh... BTW, StyleScrybe is single and VERY ready to mingle. Any leads?

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