Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Five, Six, Pick Up... (Gifts for Your Guy)

Santa, Baby

The fireside is blazing bright, and you've decided he's worth rolling your heart's dice. He knows when to be naughty and when to be nice. One thing, though, you can't figure out what gift he'd like. He said all he wants is you, but you know better. You've gotta get him something good- it's your first Christmas together. Plus, his last girlfriend always gave him ties, cologne and such, so you refuse to go there. Don't fret, my pets, I'm here to help you make "Ronny Romance" do his happy dance. Here are five great guy-approved "Love, Your Girl" gifts I found that'll keep the kisses coming (mistletoe or not).

Deep heart, shallow pockets ($)

My homegirl's guy had the nerve to act up a week and a half before Christmas. He's in the process of making up for it, but he's not all the way out the doghouse yet. Another friend is really into her guy, but she's got a big family and can't afford to blow the bank on her beau. If you're in either situation, this $69.99 Kraftware Deluxe Bar-in-a-Box from Target is perfect for you. You'll earn extra points if you give him a bottle of "brown" to go with it. (I'm talking Henny or Remy... none of that cheap crap.)

Money Ain't Tight, But it Ain't Quite Right ($$)

He's crossed his T's and dotted the I's, so he deserves a gift that costs a lil sumthin' sumthin'. These limited edition Lacoste for Kid Robot sneakers will have him steppin' out in style for $175, or fork over $179.99 for a Flip Video Ultra Camcorder to catch all the memories you'll make.

Baby got Bank! ($$$)

If you got a big bonus this year and you're in the mood to share, put a little luxury under the tree with a $200 Hennessy XO Limited Collector's Edition gift set. If you're tired of that raggedy sack he totes to and from your crib, spend the $390 to upgrade him to a sophisticated Samsonite Black Label duffel.

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