Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Five, Six, Pick Up... (Gifts for Coworker Claus)

Because Sometimes Secret Santa Sucks

You've picked the name from the hat and realized that a) you don't know the person you're supposed to gift, or b) you know the person and can't stand him or her. Hell, maybe you even like the pe
rson a little bit. Regardless, who wants to spend a bunch of hard-earned dough on a co-worker when you have real friends and family to buy presents for? Thank goodness there's a price limit for your office's holiday grab bag. Before you cop the cheesy reindeer socks or contemplate a $10 gift card (c'mon now), try getting something that's actually cool and has some personality. At least this way it'll be easy to re-gift. Here are five gifts I found fall under usual limits of $10-20. BTW, I'll gladly accept any of these if you want to be my Secret Santa :-).

Poppin' Bottles (10 Bucks or Below) For Wendy or Wendel Winelover, little friendly "Carlo" stoppers are a fun "welcome back" to unfinished bottles of vino. A set of two costs $8.50 at Retromodern.com. If your giftee is Mindy Manicure, this $9.95 Essie Winter '07 mini pack from Enailsupply.com is sure to make the "keeper" pile.

Fun & Yummy ($15 is Far Enough)
Super Mario 'Shrooms take the mind back to simpler times. Pop of the top and take Sam Sweettooth's taste buds on a tart adventure. $15 at Fredflare.com gets your giftee a set of three. The J.R. Watkins Apothecary Sampler keeps skin butter-smooth and smelling sweet (I swear by this stuff, straight up). Carry-on friendly and made with natural ingredients, it's only $14.99 at Drugstore.com.

Treat your Nose ($20's the Top)
Inhale, Exhale let good vibes flow. Ilio Nectaire Diffuser Duos from Target are great for gifting. For $19.99 choose from vanilla bean/ berry cinnamon bark or lavender/ cucumber. If the recipient isn't fond of one scent, there's another choice. Bigger than that, he or she can keep one home and put another in the office. Ain't no fun if the homies can't haaaave none, right?

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