Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What We Talkin’ Bout: A 2010 Recap Mashup


What Had Happened Was…

It happens at the end of every year. Loads and loads of “looking back” lists. Well, 2010 was full of fodder. This has been SOME year! From BP’s oil spill, to Snooki, to Lady Gaga’s meat dress, To Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” and Justin Beiber’s… hair. (I’m hoping I’ll get to the personal reasons at some point before the ball drops, but today’s about the things that affected everyone… or at least other people than myself.) Since I’m big on self indulgence and short on time… I’ll just share a few rundowns of things that mattered to me (see, there goes that self absorption). My personal favorite is Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Carolers singing “12 Things That Happened In 2010”

ELLE’s list was in slide show format had a more fashionable slant (of course). Daphne Guinness (pictured below, photo via Elle.com) made the list by buying Isabella Blow’s wardrobe (I’m actually kinda jealous in a way). My biggest issues with the list:

1. I SWEAR there had to be something more important in fashion this year than Dakota Fanning being named Homecoming Queen of Hollywood High for the second year in a row. (I really don’t understand why it made the list… because she wears designer clothes? What rich kid doesn’t?)

2. How can you mention Fashion Week’s relocation to Lincoln Center without at least a head-nod in the direction of of the ‘Fashion in Action’ silent protest staged by a group of Black women in response to Essence Magazine’s hiring of a white fashion director instead of selecting from a large number of qualified Black ones. (Oh… that’s right, we’re still marginal. I’m sure someone somewhere is saying ‘take that, affirmative action!’)


Find out what other lists you should check out after the jump…


New York Magazine’sThe Cut Blog” did a mélange entitled “The Best of the Best and Worst Dressed Lists.” It included those who made lists in Vogue (Both the US and UK versions), The Guardian and other fashion go-tos. (No real issues with that one… my lazy side likes that it cut down on my research.) Little Miss “Whip My Hair” made the The Guardian’s list (love her like an imaginary kid sister).

The homies at Parlour Magazine did a diss list, comprised of this year’s most gag- or yawn-worthy Hip Hop videos. I must agree with the selections (though I don’t watch many videos, so I don’t have much of a comparison base.) Who’s surprised that a Nicki Minaj video topped the list, though? #noshade

So… Is there a year end recap I should have mentioned? Thoughts on the ones I did mention? Wanna send me belated happy holidays wishes? I’m all ears!

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