Thursday, October 28, 2010

Check it Out, Yo: If the Shoe Doesn't Fit

Tonight, I'm Cleanin' Out My Closet

There are 2 things everyone knows about me (well, everyone who knows me, anyway). The first is that my favorite color is fuchsia (unrelated to most other facts, but still an important one to know). The second is that I love shoes (so much that I have a blog dedicated to them- and booze). I've actually been contemplating selling off a few pairs, but haven't been able to decide on how to do it. Craigslist isn't exactly the safest option, people only want to spend pennies at most flea markets and certain auction sites are so saturated already. Plus the fees aren't worth what I'll be able to get for the shoes. I recently connected with Ellen Simes, a fellow fan of spirits and shoes, who owns, an online shoe auction website. (Kismet?) With low fees and a user-friendly format, provides an easy and affordable way to sell, swap or shop for shoes. Now I know what to do with my shoes. The shoes you see here are among the ones I'm considering auctioning off. Which would you be more likely to bid on? 

Joey O Sandals (worn twice)
BCBG Wedges (worn once)

Unisa Ballerina Flats (never worn)

*Note- is also a new client of mine. (Feel free to contact me for a press release, bio, images or other information).


Hair Sugar said...

JOSEY O'S!!!!! I say start at $40

tisha said...

1st: purple, start at $25
gold, start at $25
orang, start at $10

On The Road... said...

I'd wear the Unisa Ballerina Flats to work, and the BCBG ones out to a nice dinner. I say start at $25 for the flats, $35 for BCBG.

olivia said...

Great idea! I say start all at $25 or put the Unisa Ballerina Flats aside for your favorite family member :)

Nina-Louise said...

I would certainly say the Joey O's... ridiculously sexy..... Maybe start the bidding at 75% of what you originally paid... I respect that people need a deal, and they've been gently owned, however these shoes are too sweet not to command a plush price tag... Too sexy!!!