Friday, January 25, 2008

For tha Low Low (Gotta Love a Sale)

The Heel Deal...

I'm gon' get you high today... 'cause it's Friday (I'm talking about heels silly! I know you got a job, and you got sh!t to do). For those of us who shop our woes away, an adorable pair of 4-inch heels at a great price makes for true retail therapy. I prescribe these round toed, patent pleather "Jillian" boots by Sarah Jayne. If you have a Shi by Journeys store near you, they're only $10 (Nope, i didn't forget a zero)! Unfortunately, they're sold out online... sorry. They're not for everyday wear, though, so I'll be wearing mine on yucky weather days when events call for high heels but i don't want to endanger my finer footwear. Who loves ya?

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