Friday, November 12, 2010

I’m an In the Streets Chick: Belvedere Intense Unfiltered Party

Let’s Have a Toast to The…
Belve bottles
I think I may have somehow forgotten to mention this, but worked on the digital outreach for Belvedere Vodka’s “A Bartender’s Dream Job” Contest and the launch of the new Intense Unfiltered variety (never did see blog posts from certain bloggers- who attended the tasting AND got comp bottles, but I know that comes with the territory). They had two launch parties for Intense Unfiltered this week in New York- one on Monday or Tues (which I was unable to attend) and another last night. (Here I am with one of my fave Belvedere folks. Our pic was on Guest of a Guest.)
Fees N Dolores
Intense Unfiltered is made using food-grade grains and formulated to maintain its flavor, so it’s perfect for consumption by itself (like a scotch or cognac), but it also works well in certain cocktails. The Intense Sunrise and Intense Gimlet were served at the party, and while I actually prefer Intense Unfiltered neat, the gimlet was my favorite of the two cocktail choices. (I somehow couldn’t make any of them last long enough to take a pic, but here’s one of the sunrise.)
Belve Golden Sunrise
Intense Unfiltered is also 80 proof… that’s stronger than a lot of other vodkas, but it’s smooth enough that I think a lot of partygoers missed that point (especially a certain young lady who was clearly drunk very soon after the party started). However, a certain group of gents (Team Mancini) toasted and tippled with class all night. Cheers!
Belve Cheers

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