Friday, February 12, 2010

Shop to Save (Saving $ is good, but saving lives with Fashion for Haiti is great)

So Let's Start Giving...

A month ago, a large magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti's capital city, killing untold numbers of people and leaving Port-Au-Prince in ruins. In the direct aftermath, peole donated money, clothing and other necessary items to the best of their abilities. Telethons were held, celebrities collaborated on songs, and there seemed to be a general feeling of compassion. However, many of us have short attention spans. Once a story leaves manstream news reports, it also tends to leave the minds of the masses. Well, the fashion industry, via the CFDA's Fashion for Haiti initiative, hasn't forgotten. On February 16th, the "Fashion for Haiti" T-shirt will go on sale at stores throughout the country. Net proceeds from the sale of the $25 tees will be donated by the CFDA Foundation to the Bush Clinton Haiti Fund, which is raising funds for "immediate, high impact relief" and also continued relief over time. I'm a size small, so while you're out buying yours, feel free to get me one. Yes, I'll be buying one for myself, too, but this way I can cut one up, and still have one intact to wear with my black leggings and zebra print high heeled rain boots. (YES... I you read that right. I have them in leopard print, too.)
P.S. If you click HERE, you'll see which retailers are selling the shirts. You'll also find other fashionable ways to assist relief efforts.

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