Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Check it Out, Yo! (Check it, Check it Out: BET Rising Icons)

I Do What I Do Like I'm Doin it for TV!

I've said plenty of bad things about BET, but with the Rising Icons series (Sponsored by Grey Goose), I think they may be onto something. I recently attended the taping of the first episode, and must admit I thoroughly enjoyed myself (despite the bruise on my finger from their making us clap emphatically for long periods of time while I was wearing a HUGE ring). First up to the mic was Hal Linton. Never heard of him before but I definitely won't forget him (cop that album when it comes out.) Dude's music had that "real music" feel... you know... like something you listen to with mom, and she says "I remember when..." And he's not bad on the eyes (even gave me a "Five Heartbeats" moment with his repeated flirtations.)

Then Ms. Chrisette Michele graced the stage. Yep, after seeing her live show, I'm giving her a permanent "Mizz" because girlie's got it goin' on. (I'm also recommending that you find a way to see her ASAP!) The voice, the stage presence, the interaction with the crowd... she could have just as easily mesmerized a smoke-filled jazz club audience of yesteryear as she did us. You know how they say someone's "been here before?" Well, let's go ahead and say that about her. (Click the Pic for more images from the day... I'm even in a few) But wait, let me not forget her gown. That thang was goddess-gorgeous! (Yes I said thang... that's how great it looked on her). Oooh and the shoes (We couldn't bring in cameras, but as soon as I find a pic, I'll share!)

Now, if we could only get somebody to slip us a shot of Grey Goose...

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