Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Ooooooo-Weee! (More intense than a normal fashion fix, here's what has me feenin')

You Gets No Love

Sigh... Your girl was a little sad today. She didn't have a Valentine. (I know, I know... Girl Power! Love Thy Self, and all that. We single gals appreciate the pep talks about self love. After a while, though, it all sounds like blah blah blah.) I definitely love me, but it'd be nice to know someone of the opposite sex shares the sentiment. Anyway, date or not (usually not), I try to get myself a V-day gift every year, but this year I couldn't think of anything that wasn't mushy or cliche. I've already bought myself diamonds and perfume and chocolate and wine. A T-shirt that expresses exactly what I feel on the sappiest of days? Haven't done that yet, but I'm gonna have to grab one from As my favorite celeb publicist (and cousin) said in her Sistah-girl email today, "Cupid can kick rocks!" Ok, Ok, I'm not that bitter, but I still think this tee is pretty cool, and I look forward to what people will say when I wear it.


Sherri McDonald said...

HAHAHAHHA....cute tee! I wants it.

B-More's Finest said...

Hey StyleScrybe, what's up?!?! I went to and all I saw was a lame pic of a lame couple smiling..lamely! I really want that tee because I truly believe that love is indeed lame, so please...lead me to it!

B-More's Finest said...

Ok, Ok, so I'm lame!! I have access...the tee is mine! TTYL